Even though we speak different languages, are different colors and are of different cultures, we all have the same disease.
With all our differences we are united in battling MSA and we truly hope in miracles. One day they will find how to cure MSA.

We hope that everyone involved in any association, group or as an individual,
will take time to talk to others about MSA.
We ask that on the 3rd of October special attention is given to bringing about awareness of the subject. 
This can be done by organizing some activity in your group, your community, your city and if possible even in your country to raise what is needed to combat MSA.

To all MSA patients, family of patients, caretakers from all over the world, as from now,
the 3rd of October is a special day for you.

Please, place this date on your agenda and try to organize a local event on or around October 3rd. 
It can go from very small actions in the little town by talking with a few school kids and make them aware about MSA. Organize a local Bingo, Bowling …, or even some bigger events together with local Medical support from your Neurologist, Doctor or Nurse. …If you are up to it, even a large show to raise proceeds would be welcome. Please let us know what your plans are and we will add it into the international MSA calendar.
We rely on the local support groups and organizations to highlight MSA in their own group, area, city, and country. 
Each local group can use this day to promote local Awareness and obtain funding and support.
It is through the local groups that World MSA Day will become the most important day of the year for all MSA patients.

If you as an individual, as a group, or as a community want to bring your local activities into the spotlight, please forward brief information and a contact email / postal address.
We will put you on this special website of the WORLD MSA DAY.

This is a free website with no commercial intentions.

Please, spread the word…….

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