Time to reflect

Dear all,

It’s time to reflect on what we did and what we could have done over the past year.

A lot of good ideas have been raised by different individuals and support groups around the globe. Thanks to every single person for the effort made to bring about awareness of MSA and World MSA Day.

Although we at times feel alone, we have a common interest; that is our fight against MSA.

We are fortunate to be able to communicate through the Internet. Even though we are kilometres apart, we are brought together by a click of the mouse, joining together countries such as New Zealand – Australia – South Africa- the USA – Venezuela – Israel – and all the countries in Europe.

Our voices will be echoed around and will be multiplied each time, again and again till everyone on earth will know what MSA is. There will be a day they find a cure; I strongly believe this. 

To achieve our aim, we need to persevere through out the years ahead.

We all make New resolutions and would like to hear from all what good intentions they have.

The next World MSA Day will be here sooner than we think. Please; place this date on your agenda and try to organize a local event on or around October 3rd.

It can go from very small actions in the little town by talking with a few school kids and make them aware about MSA. Organize a local Bingo, Bowling …, or even some bigger events together with local Medical support from your Neurologist, Doctor or Nurse. …If you are up to it, even a large show to raise proceeds would be welcome. Please let us know what your plans are and we will add it into the international MSA calendar.

From our side we have a lot to share and we hope you will share your ideas with us.

We like to thank you all again, and wish you a peaceful Christmas, and a prosper 2020.

Greeting to all of you!

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